Aloha, my name is Kanoe, otherwise know as Kanoe in H20 on instagram.

I am a professional surfer, snowboarder and model from Kona, on the Big Isle of Hawaii.  Currently, I am represented by Sunkissed Management LA.    FNi (FiRE N iCE) Surf. Skate. Snow. is my brand.

I have a deep passion for traveling and like to share my adventures through my blog.  Travel writing is very exciting to me.  Creating imagery and content is very fulfilling for me.

My life partner is Alex Hereford.  He is a professional snowboarder, avid traveler and dog lover.  I am very blessed to be a huge part of his life and be his girlfriend.  We base ourselves out of Truckee near Lake Tahoe by the Northern Sierra Nevada Mountains.  My golden retriever’s name is Kona and he is obsessed with snow.

My works range from travel writing, marketing, branding, content creating, photography and public speaking.

Get in contact > kanoenahulupelfrey@gmail.com

Make sure to go to my website kanoepelfrey.com






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